Baby It’s Cold Outside Christmas Tag

One month ’til Christmas! Eek! Exciting. I thought I’d make this tag, because I’m always curious about how other’s spend their holiday season! Of course, anyone who wants to do this tag should feel free (let me know if you do!) and I’m tagging a few specific people below!

1. What is your favourite Christmas sweet?

Toss up between my mom’s pecan truffles and my mom’s ginger snaps.

2. Do you like to DIY Christmas decorations or just buy them?

A bit of both, and it really depends on the year (i.e. how busy I am). Some years I do a lot of DIY projects (like this year) and I find them really fun.

3. What’s your favourite Christmassy activity to do?

When I lived in Germany, I absolutely adored going to Christmas Markets. It is so amazing to see the city or town square all lit up. All the sparkly and hand made ornaments and things for sale, drinking Glühwein (mulled wine) to fend off the cold. I miss it! Other than that, I love going to cute shopping areas, like Granville Island in Vancouver, because everything is decorated, and everything looks so cheerful and inviting.

4. Are you good at wrapping presents? Do you put a lot of effort in?

I WISH I was good at wrapping presents. As it stands, I’m ok. Not terrible, but certainly not creative and lovely like so many of the gift wrapping pins on pinterest. This year I’d like to try something a little more interesting though. I’m partial to the wrapping in this A Model Recommends’ video or this idea from pinterest.


5. What’s your favourite holiday album?

I love A Very She & Him Christmas (By She & Him – you know, Zooey Deschanel’s band). But I can’t leave out the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack.

6.  Do you prefer going to Christmas parties or staying in and watching a Christmas film with someone special or your family?

While I do love to dress up and enjoy the festivities, nothing beats watching It’s a Wonderful Life whilst cozy under a blanket with the Christmas tree twinkling away.

7. Favourite Holiday Drink?

My favourite homemade drink is eggnog  with fresh nutmeg (my dad makes great eggnog) and I do enjoy a Starbucks peppermint mocha.

8. What’s your Christmas decor style?

Definitely rustic country Christmas. I’m not fond of pink trees and bright purple shiny baubles, although that can look very nice in other people’s houses. But I like the natural decorations a bit more.

9. What’s your favourite childhood memory of snow? 

Since it doesn’t snow all that much in Vancouver, it was always really special when it snowed and my brother and I would go into the front yard and just play in the snow; trying to build snowmen, throwing snowballs and making snow angels. I always loved waking up an seeing all the pristine snow everywhere. Still do love that.

10. What’s your favourite thing to do when it’s cold outside? 

Put on the fire (all the better if it’s my parents real wood fire, but our gas one will do), cuddle under a hand made quilt with my boyfriend and drink hot apple cider or peppermint tea.

Let me know if you do this tag!

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  1. I love this tag!! I wish I was good at wrapping presents. I’m going to make sure an effort this year with wrapping – ribbons and all! 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas!

    Oh Hey Kayspray! xx


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