My Top Christmas Shopping Tips! (And ways to come up with gift ideas)

ChristmasbannerShopping for others can be stressful and challenging, but it can also be super fun and rewarding depending on how you handle it. Here are my top tips for a stress free and fulfilling Christmas shopping experience:

1. Start early, or at least PLAN early.

I know a lot of people have every intention to start shopping early, but then somehow it’s December 22nd and you have a panic attack in the middle of the mall.

  • To avoid that unfortunate situation, at least start to figure out what you want to get people starting in November or early December.
  • Then look online to see what stores might have those items in the price range you’re looking for. If you start planning early, you can figure out what you can buy online (because it’s the worst when you want to buy a gift online, but it’s too late and it won’t arrive in time) – this will also save you the stress of running around a crowded mall.
  • If you know what you want to get people early, you can also watch the stores to see if those items go on sale.

2. Keep hard-to-buy-for people in mind.

If you have to get gifts for people who are impossible to buy for (*cough* Dads) you might have to work a bit harder to find something great to give them.

  • Number one, ask them what they want. If they give you an answer, great! Get them that item if you can find it and it’s in your price range.
  • If they are one of those people who cannot give you any sort of clear answer (my boyfriend is the WORST about this, haha) then you’ll have to be a bit more crafty. I try to notice what he needs, or says he needs and I also like to get things that I know he doesn’t like to shop for (clothes, underwear, belt, etc.).
  • My boyfriend is also someone who doesn’t like a lot of “things” so nick nack type items are never really a hit. I like to try to get people like this something I know they will use.
  • It’s also helpful to think of the things YOU are good at, because sometimes the best gifts are ones that the person would never be able to pick out themselves, or you can even offer your expertise itself as a gift. For example, if you know someone who would appreciate good skincare products, but they don’t know all that much about it, picking out a few things tailored to their skin type can be a great gift.
  • Other gifts that can be great are items the person wouldn’t buy for themselves such as something more luxurious or something indulgent (like a really good quality sweater, wallet or gift card for a nice restaurant).

3. Plan your actual shopping day or days.

  • Make sure you know what stores carry the items you are looking for, or the stores that have the type of item you need and call ahead if there’s a chance the item won’t be in stock.
  • Make sure you have everything you need: Shopping list, people’s clothing sizes, item and colour names for example.
  • EAT before you go. Shopping on an empty stomach is no good; you need sustenance and if you eat beforehand you can avoid spending extra money and avoid EXTREMELY crowded food courts.
  • Try to go in the morning on a weekday if you can, to avoid crowds. If you must go on the weekend, go either early or late, and avoid 2pm if at all possible

Happy Shopping!

What are your top gift shopping tips? Also, let me know if you would like a specific item gift guide for hard-to-buy-for men!

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