Midwinter Decor Highlights

A few recent decor and organisation changes I’ve made lately that have made a BIG difference:

Midwinter Decor - Sidneyrose.wordpress.com

I got this new bedding set from Winners. The light yellow and grey pattern brightens up the whole room, which I think is really important when it’s so cold and dark still. The bamboo wall decals are from Ikea and the wall has a sage green paint in a ragged on effect.

Midwinter Decor - sidneyrose.wordpress.com

I used to have a chair here in the bedroom that always ended up COVERED in clothes. So I took out the chair and added some functional storage instead. In the wicker chest (from Winners) I keep spare bed linens and in the Ikea small storage boxes, I keep off season shoes and other odds and ends. The pillow is also from Ikea and I have decorated it with pins that I’ve gotten all around the world whilst travelling. The slipper booties are from Penningtons.

Midwinter Decor - sidneyrose.wordpress.com

Last, I have filled this Ikea candle dish with white pillar candles, a random votive candle and a scented (Chai Spice) candle that I received for Christmas. It also has a collection of decorative stones and a wooden heart that I’ve received over the years. It makes cold, dark nights so much brighter and warmer!

What are you’re favourite ways to spruce up your living space in the winter?


My January Favourites!


1. The Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette – I was lucky enough to receive this for Christmas and I love it! The matte shades are so natural looking, and the matte black shade (crave) is so useful. This has quickly become my go-to for everyday makeup.

2. The Body Shop’s Honey & Oat Scrub Mask – This mask is seriously amazing! I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes and it leaves my skin SUPER soft.

3. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains – I really love these, I find they look a lot more natural on the lips that most lipsticks, they’re moisturizing and the way they wear is fantastic, since they’re a stain. I especially love them in the colours “Adore” (the red shade) and “Darling” (the light purple-y pink shade). I think Darling is amazing for spring too.

4. The Body Shop’s Honeymania range – I was pleased to get both the Honeymania lip balm and a mini Honeymania body butter for Christmas. They smell AMAZING and they live up to the usual awesome standard of The Body Shop’s products. I have been using the lip balm absolutely non-stop this month.

5. The Blacklist – This is a TV show I have been loving this month. There are only 13 episodes right now, but it is a really great show. The premise: a highly wanted criminal turns himself in to the FBI and asks for an immunity deal in return for information on how to catch some of the most nefarious criminals in the world – but he will only work with a particular young female agent. It’s a really exciting and interesting show.

6. Bruno Mars – I am just LOVING his music right now. Some of my favourite songs of his are Gorilla and Young Girls.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your faves for January?

How I care for my long hair

Tips for long hair care - sidneyrose.wordpress.com


I have had very long hair for around 7 years and here are my top tips and products for keeping it healthy and looking nice. I have very fine, straight, quite porous,  hair, so these tips will be most helpful for people with a similar hair types.

1. For shampoo and conditioner, I switch it up and find that it doesn’t matter too much what I use, but I am partial to Trichomania solid shampoo and American Cream conditioner from Lush (these smell amazing btw). I also like Pantene Pro-V if I’m on a bit of a budget or want something a bit more clarifying.

2. I think the actual steps are more important than the products here. This is the routine that works best for me: Shampoo and condition every other day and put a leave in conditioner in when hair is still damp from the shower. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle when wet. I like this wooden one from The Body Shop.

3. Try to avoid heat. I pretty much never blow dry my hair in the summer when it’s warm, except sometimes the roots if I’m going for a certain style. I never use heat to curl or straighten – this damages hair a lot.

4. Deep condition. I deep condition my hair once or twice a month. My favourite one is Jasmine and Henna fluff ease from Lush, but most often I just use my regular conditioner and leave it in for a few hours with a shower cap on.

5. Try to avoid harsh chemical dyes. These can really damage your hair, especially when applied at home or just incorrectly applied. Also, bleaching or “lifting” hair colour tends to be more damaging. The only dye I ever use on my hair is the henna hair dyes from Lush¬†. They give beautiful colour and leave my hair feeling softer, healthier and shinier than before.

6. This is super important: Put your hair “away” when you’re not “using” it. That is, braid or put up in a top knot at night, and wear in a bun (less of a pressure point that a pony tail = less chance of breakage) when you don’t have to have it down. This prevents tangles and snags and the resulting breakage. Also if you braid your hair at night, you can wear it in pretty, soft, heatless waves the next day.

7. My favourite finishing products: Got2b Smooth Operator Lustre Lotion and Smoothing Hairspray. Also the Dove Style+Care Dry Shampoo is great for second day hair and giving a bit of volume and texture.

8. The best tip I have for growing your hair long in the first place is simply – Don’t cut it. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people are impatient and end up cutting of all the hair they’ve been growing out. The trick is to take good care of it, so your ends stay healthy and you don’t have to trim it very often. I get my hair cut only once or twice a year.

Do you have any different long hair-care tips or do you prefer having shorter hair? I have been toying with the idea of cutting mine off to just below the shoulders, but I’m not sure I can part with it! What do you think?