DIY Jewelry Storage and Display: Corkboard Makeover

DIY Jewelry Corkboard -

This is a really simple project to do and the result is a really pretty, functional way to store and display your jewelry.

DIY jewelry board -

I stared with this old, plain, 1.5 x 2 foot corkboard.

DIY Jewelry Board -

I used white acyrilic paint and painted the inside of the board using a sponge to stipple on the paint, which gives a sort of worn, weathered finish and isn’t perfectly opaque. I then used a brush to paint the frame – just one coat to give it a “whitewashed” look as opposed to a solid, glossy white. You could easily customize this with different colours to match your bedroom!

Then all you have to do is arrange push pins to display your jewelry and fill up extra space with your favourite postcards!

DIY jewelry board -

I used white and clear pins. From top to bottom, the postcards are from Raven’s Rest Studio¬†, Heidelberg, Germany and Van Gogh’s “Skull of a Skeleton with a Burning Cigarette”

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