Midwinter Decor Highlights

A few recent decor and organisation changes I’ve made lately that have made a BIG difference:

Midwinter Decor - Sidneyrose.wordpress.com

I got this new bedding set from Winners. The light yellow and grey pattern brightens up the whole room, which I think is really important when it’s so cold and dark still. The bamboo wall decals are from Ikea and the wall has a sage green paint in a ragged on effect.

Midwinter Decor - sidneyrose.wordpress.com

I used to have a chair here in the bedroom that always ended up COVERED in clothes. So I took out the chair and added some functional storage instead. In the wicker chest (from Winners) I keep spare bed linens and in the Ikea small storage boxes, I keep off season shoes and other odds and ends. The pillow is also from Ikea and I have decorated it with pins that I’ve gotten all around the world whilst travelling. The slipper booties are from Penningtons.

Midwinter Decor - sidneyrose.wordpress.com

Last, I have filled this Ikea candle dish with white pillar candles, a random votive candle and a scented (Chai Spice) candle that I received for Christmas. It also has a collection of decorative stones and a wooden heart that I’ve received over the years. It makes cold, dark nights so much brighter and warmer!

What are you’re favourite ways to spruce up your living space in the winter?


October Home Decor Highlights

This month I made a few of little changes to two decorative areas in my home. One is a bookshelf top that is a bit of a focal area of the living room and the other is an odd little built in shelf in my bathroom that I have not altered in years. Anyway, I am in love with both of these little displays at the moment so I thought I’d share them!